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Our mission is to deliver top results for our clients in a highly compliant manner, providing their constituents with exemplary service that helps them achieve financial success.

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About Us

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Performance, Stability, and Scale

As a subsidiary of Navient, Pioneer handles billions of dollars in portfolios, recovering a broad spectrum of debt for multiple levels of government.

For nearly 40 years, Pioneer has provided compliant, compassionate debt collection services to clients and their constituents. We can customize our solutions to meet your complex requirements.

Our Leadership


Our attention to compliance, privacy, and information security has earned us the trust of our clients and their constituents.

Our processes provide multiple layers of accountability. We have incorporated specific controls to ensure compliance at all levels of the company’s operations.


We maintain a strict compliance management system and thoroughly understand and abide by all federal, state, and local laws related to client engagements.

Our commitment to compliance helps us anticipate and address your issues, before those problems even occur.

Where applicable, our systems, scripts, processes, and procedures are strictly reviewed by you, your attorneys, and our own risk teams, ensuring an environment of continuous compliance within the rigid standards set forth for government contractors and financial service companies.


We apply best practices and protocols to keep your information – and your constituents' information – safe and secure.

With the evolving cybersecurity threats facing all companies, we set the standard in secure customer partnerships and continually enhance our rigorous security program.

Training and Education

We are regularly recognized by Training magazine as one of the Top 125 training organizations based on our innovative learning and development programs and commitment to employee training to achieve key strategic goals.

Exemplary Record

We meet or exceed all Better Business Bureau (BBB) standards and have continuously been recognized by the BBB since 1997 as a top performer.

Inovations in Collections


We employ a team of compliance and collection strategy employees who independently monitor changes in the collection industry. 

We continually refine our methodologies to ensure we are ahead of the curve, long before others catch up.

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Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc. is a subsidiary of Navient Corporation. 

At Navient, we help our clients and millions of Americans achieve financial success through our services and support.