Achieving Client Collection Goals and Saving Taxpayer Dollars.

Pioneer utilizes its unique collection methodology to quickly review a client's needs and then design a receivables strategy that can work for clients of all size and scope.

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Collecting past due fines and fees is no easy task in this challenging economy and your internal resources are already strained. We’re here to assist you. Pioneer offers superior collection performance to County and Municipal governments for the collection of court fines and fees. Clients who work with Pioneer have the peace of mind of working with not only a Fortune 500 company, but one of the largest and most successful collectors of government debt in the country.


  • When you work with us, we will:
  • • Save taxpayer money
  • • Collect fines and fees more efficiently
  • • Enhance your revenue
  • • Eliminate your collections budget
  • • Guarantee your complete satisfaction

    Pioneer’s staff of more than 1,000 employees across the nation has a strong reputation for efficiency and ethics in the collection industry. Our programs instill in our employees integrity and accountability across all departments, and ensure that risk is managed consistently. We adhere to the strictest standards of privacy and security. Your information is safe with us.


    For over 30 years, Pioneer has led the debt collection industry, returning more than $6 billion to clients at all levels of government in the past 10 years alone.