Customized Collection Method

Pioneer staff performs a vigorous analysis of each new client’s debt portfolio and will customize a collection methodology to achieve superior results. This plan will be reviewed by the client and their client services team to ensure that expectations are always met.

Based on an in-depth analysis of our clients' portfolios, Pioneer continuously improves our collection methodology on a monthly basis, keeping our strategies fresh and our training innovative.

Additionally, our collection methodology utilizes focused and proven skip-tracing, account segmentation and calling strategies on our clients' portfolios. We are dedicated to collecting the most money for our collection partners in the shortest time possible, while ensuring the utmost respect for the relationship between the client and their borrowers. By employing sophisticated portfolio analysis strategies, effective negotiation techniques and ensuring mission alignment, Pioneer continues to deliver stellar results.

Pioneer’s award-winning employee training modules are designed to guarantee all of our employees receive the first-rate training they need to succeed.

One of the distinguishing elements of Pioneer Credit’s training program noted by Training Magazine was the company’s development and implementation of their new hire training program, ‘The Collector’s Performance Edge.’ The superior training and development of new hires through the program has increased the company’s productivity and ability to ramp-up employment at its locations.