Performing Beyond Client Goals Since 1980

Handling billions in portfolios, Pioneer recovers the full spectrum of debt for all levels of government: from federal agencies such as the Department of Education, to cities like Philadelphia, and to hundreds of smaller counties and municipalities.

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Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc.® (Pioneer) is a national leader in the collection industry providing collection services on defaulted debt. Headquartered in New York, Pioneer employs more than 1,000 professionals and is the largest private sector employer in Wyoming County, New York. Pioneer also has offices located in New Jersey.

Pioneer maintains partnerships with federal and state clients as well as guarantee agencies. Pioneer provides its clients with quality results, experience, leadership, and technology, including state-of-the art infrastructure, telecommunications, and collections systems, ensuring the best the industry has to offer.

Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Navient Corporation and a member of Navient’s Collection Services. Navient is publicly traded on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ: NAVI).